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Eugene Johnson
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   Mailing Address
P.O. Box 327
Quanah, Tx. 79252

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The Quanah Economic Development Corporation is a non profit corporation created especially to assist companies during their site selection and community evaluation process. The Board and Executive Director recognize that one of the most important decisions you will make is the location of your companys' new facility.

stripminingtruck.jpg (2377 bytes)We can provide current information on available buildings and arrange tours of industrial sites. If your company has special needs we can assist you in constructing a building designed precisely for you. Other incentive PACKAGES and programs available through our office may include:
   Direct grants and subsidies
   Low interest loans
   Professional job training
   Tax incentives
   Skilled labor at reasonable rates
   Pro business climite

Quanah's airport is paved with a 4,500' lighted runway and fuelfact.jpg (3848 bytes) is available in site. Commercial flights are available from Wichita Falls.

Quanah is located at the crossroads of Highway 6 and 287 in North Central Texas.   Burlington Northern Santa Fe offers daily rail and piggy-back service and there are five trucking companies that service Quanah.

Quanah is a small town, but we believe our schools, medical facilities and quality of life rival any place in the world. We know you will need more facts about Quanah before making a decision. Detailed information covering subjects such as taxes, government structures, utilities, housing and our labor force is also available through our office. Our research department will provide you exact information and statistics at no charge.

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